ALFAMEC markets abrasive tools for surface finishing and cutting materials under the brand name PFERD from Germany. PFERD is a distinctive brand mark for excellent quality, top performance and efficiency. With more than 200 years of production experience, we are able to offer a unique broad product range for surface finishing and cutting from a single source.

Below are some of the samples of PFERD products. (hover or touch to reveal details)

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    • Machinist’s Files
    • Car Body Files
    • Riffler Files
    • Needle Files
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    • Tungsten Carbide Burrs
    • H.S.S. & Milling Cutter
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    • Mounted Points
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    • Fine Grinding & Polishing Tools
    • Flap Wheels
    • Cartridge Rolls
    • Combi-Disc
    • Poliflex
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    • Superhard Diamond Files
    • CBN Files
    • Grinding Tools Wheels
    • Cut-Off Wheels
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    • Grinding Wheels
    • Cut-Off Wheels
    • Flap Disc
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    • Tool Drives
    • Air Grinders
    • Electric Grinders
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    • Industrial Power Brushes
    • Pencil Brushes
    • Mounted Wheel Brushes



ALFAMEC provides the industry’s best metalworking tools with the well-respected brand Kennametal, we give our customers the tools they rely upon from the name they trust. From milling to turning to hole making, we furnish customers with a broad range of technologically advanced tools, tooling systems, and engineering services.

Below are some of the samples of Kennametal products. (hover or touch to reveal details)

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    • Holemaking Tooling
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    • Milling Tools
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    • Lathe Tooling
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    • Tooling Systems